Diablo Archer – Looking Bookpack (Artwork)

The homie, Diablo Archer, dropped the artwork today for his much anticipated mixtape with DJ Trizzak, “Looking Backpack.” Here goes a few words from the man himself:

My impatience almost got the best of me with this one, y’all.  When the homie Triz  (DJ Trizzak) hit me with the scenario that meeting our 1.2.12 release date for Looking Backpackwould mean half-stepping, I was tempted to suggest we limp to the finish line.  Then I remembered a similar situation with theWakeup Call mixtape we put out together back in 2007, and how dope the finished product turned out when I waited those few extra days the homie asked for.

So we wait.  In the meantime, check the artwork and spread the word about what’s coming.


More details and tracklisting coming soon, so stay tuned…