#PenDistrict(Big Hop x JMProductions) feat. AMSOC (FREE EP!)


It’s been a busy 2012 thus far, and there are no signs of slowing up anytime soon as the Alpha Male Society have set their goals high with a new series of monthly EP’s, each being helmed by a different producer. This month features a production from VA duo, JMProductions. Here is some more info:

After meeting on Twitter (hence the hash-mark in the title), VA artist’s, Big Hop & JMProductions, have teamed up to create a new side project called #PenDistrict. Pulling from their roots in Newport News, VA, Hop’s gritty vocals and style meshed instantaneously with JMP’s boom-bap, rugged beat making. The two sides initially set out to feature nothing but artists from the Hampton Roads on the EP, but after a few failed attempts, Hop decided it was time to bring in his newly founded collective, Alpha Male Society or AMSOC:

“Growing up in Bad News, I had never met any kids who listened to the same type of hip hop as I did. So when I met Emphatic & NonDescript through twitter, I knew I wanted to work with them, I just wasn’t sure in what capacity. At first, I tried getting some local cats on it, since we were naming the crew after the local high school’s athletic conference (the Peninsula District), but I wasn’t getting the type of results I wanted. So I called in the big guns, AMSOC, and we wrapped it up in a matter of weeks. After hearing the final product, I felt this project would work perfectly as our first EP of the year, so we went ahead and pushed it through. #PenDistrict has a grimy, 90’s style hip hop feel, so make sure you put on your Tim-boots and Champion hoodie before you listen. – Big Hop

Stay tuned as every month AMSOC will be releasing a new EP, on top of an itinerary that also boasts solo projects from every crew member.

“It’s gonna be a crazy year. Get ready. I know we are…” – Hop

Unconditional Love feat Don DiGiorgio & Diablo Archer