Don DiGiorgio Releases New Album, Donomatopeia, TODAY!!

Donomatopoeia is Don DiGiorgio’s first album since changing his name (formerly Kotix) back in 2010.  His most personal work to date, Donomatopoeia touches on his maturation over the years following college with subjects including his transition into fatherhood (“My Son Rise”) and internal struggles (“Only One Man” & “Beyond My Grave”).  The album is intricately weaved with wordplay throughout but really shines on tracks like “Elevate,” a Ty Bru-produced track featuring Big Hop of AMSoc and “The Feast.”  Other features include AMSoc family H2okz, Diablo Archer & Mallz as well as Mic Myers (of Addictive Nature), Skleaz and Raw English.  Production comes from L’Orange Productions, Hippie Sabotage, Wonderboy, DJ P’Dough (Produced entire album Feel Good Music), Turn 2 Productions, DJ Battle, Ty Bru & more.  Overall, Donomatopoeia covers a wide range of subject matter and although no two songs really sound the same, the album has a great overall flow.

You can download 3 songs from the album here for FREE: