Alpha Male Society x Cartel – The Cartel Collection (Free EP)

“There’s a notable pickup in team chemistry on this one.” – Diablo Archer

As May winds down, we welcome the latest project from the Alpha Male Society aka AMSOC. The crew of NC veteran emcees(Big Hop, Diablo Archer, Don DiGiorgio, Mallz & H2OKZ) set a daunting goal of releasing a group project every month of 2012 with a different producer, and that is on top of their already busy solo careers. This month they teamed up with Cartel (, who had previously worked with Mallz on his project, Service Entrance. Cartel’s smooth production created an inspiring canvas for AMSOC to reflect on the microphone, as the songs blend seemlessly from track to track. “On My Mind” is a perfect example of this. Download the whole project below, or by clicking on the artwork…