Mallz Releases New LP, Hustler of Culture


It’s been a little over two years since Mallz released his last EP, “Penstroke of Genius”. Since then, the NC-emcee has been keeping himself busy touring and working on his latest album, “Hustler Of Culture”

“Hustler Of Culture” is produced entirely by the Virginia-based duo, JMProductions (@NonDescript757 & @JMPro757) and contains 12 tracks, including the dope first single, “That’s How It Is”. Each song on the LP showcases the production team’s head-nod inspiring beats, which complements Mallz’ witty, thought provoking rhymes perfectly.

The album covers many topics and right from the first track, you can tell this won’t be your typical boom-bap album. With songs like introspective “View From Above”, the story-telling, “Perspective” and the lyrical exercise, “Emphatic”, Mallz shows his versatility throughout the entire project.