Formed in 2011, Alpha Male Society (AMSOC) is a North Carolina-based coalition of five wit-driven emcees who have come together to create a hip-hop juggernaut. With each individual wordsmith having their own unique style, the group has been able to create an original sound that is as recognizable as it is versatile. 

Alpha Male Society is comprised of Big Hop (Newport News, VA), Don DiGiorgio (Greensboro, NC), H2okz (Greenville, NC), Diablo Archer (Rocky Mount, NC) and Mallz (Raleigh, NC). While each artist has their own following in their respective cities and surrounding areas, the group has began making noise throughout the Southeast region with their consistent work-ethic and camaraderie. 

Their debut compilation, Background Check, was well-received after its release in late 2011 and was comprised of top songs from the individual emcees along with one posse-cut title track that introduced the new coalition to the masses.  The next year, the group went on to team up with up-and-coming and well-known producers in the NC/VA areas to create a monthly EP series that helped unite the members and build up a larger internet following.

In Spring 2013, the collective is set to release Background Check 2, a 16 track mixtape of all their best work from the previous year. The project is being re-mixed & mastered by famed Serbian engineer, JanZoo, and will feature surprise guest verses from the likes of Rapper Big Pooh, Thee Tom Hardy, KONSci of MindsOne, SkyBlew, Cordova & more.

Notable Performances with:

Little Brother

9th Wonder

Rapper Big Pooh


Mike G (Jungle Brothers)

Devin the Dude

Nappy Roots




King Mez



Ced Hughes


J Gunn

Mr. Invisible