Hometown/Current Location:

Durham/Greenville, North Carolina


My music is influenced by life. But if i gotta name an artist then ima say The Lox, Cassidy, Canibus, T.I., Eminem and Kanye. I could go on and on but this aint about them.


Black Plague 2 Mixtape (2011)

Local Celebrity Status Mixtape w/Big Hop (2010)

Black Plague Mixtape – (2009)

Summer Breeze Mixtape – (2008)

Multiple Other Mixtapes…

Who is H2OKZ?

A man first. Iv been rhyming for 16 years. I Started off battling and developed my style over the years. Im a firm believer in iron sharpens iron and I want the same thing we all want… Success and happiness.

Who is Alpha Male Society?

A bunch of fucking beasts…