Hometown/Current Location:

Harrellsville, NC/Raleigh, NC


Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Stevie Wonder, Common, Black Thought, John Coltrane, etc…


Penstroke of Genius EP w/Dr Khil (2012)

The “I” in Team Ep w/X3M (2012)

Service Entrance (2011)

Triumph Season (2010)

Mallz & The Jake present: Super Drug (2010)

Plan B (2006)

Who is Mallz?

I’m just a regular, small town guy from northeastern North Carolina that lives and breathes hip hop. I’m a college grad who’s underpaid at his 9-5, just like everyone else. I’ve been rapping since the age of 10, and have grown from a battle rapper to an emcee that comments on everyday life while keeping that battle rapper aggression. I am an emcee; I am a performer; I am a man.

Who is Alpha Male Society?

AMSOC is a collection of highly talented veteran emcees, who have come together to show that there is strength in numbers. Everyone today is so focused on being “The Man”, that they’re stepping on each other, unable to reach their full potential. Alpha Male Society is a throwback to the days of Native Tongue, Wu Tang, Juice Crew and other collectives and we have a chance to make a impact on hip hop.