AMSOC x Millie Vaughn – On Air (August EP)


AMSOC x The Distinguished Gents – State Champs (July EP)


AMSOC x Leland Jones – 6 (June EP)


AMSOC x Cartel – The Cartel Collection (May EP)


Alpha Male Society – Super High 2 (April Mixtape)

AMSOC x Rob Monster – The Monster + The Machine (March EP)

AMSOC x The Jake – I Believe In The Tears of a Girl Named Hannah (February EP)

#PenDistrict (January EP)

AMSOC – Background Check

Big Hop – B-Side, Myself

Big Hop x X3M – Everything Is Impossible

Big Hop x StretchKnockS – The Investment

Big Hop x Kotix(Don DiGiorgio) – Super High

Big Hop x H2OKZ – Local Celebrity Status

H2OKZ – Black Plague 2

H2OKZ – SuperBad (Single)

H2OKZ – Opera House (Single)

H2OKZ – Black Plague

Don DiGiorgio – Donomatopeia

Don DiGiorgio – Beyond My Grave (Single)

Don DiGiorgio – My New Joint (Single)

Don DiGiorgio (Kotix) – Feel Good Music

Mallz x Dr Khil – Penstroke of Genius EP


Mallz x X3M – The “I” in Team EP


Mallz x X3M – Sleeping Giant (Single)

Mallz – Khil Shot (Single)

Mallz – Service Entrance

Mallz – Triumph Season

Mallz x The Jake – Super Drug

Diablo Archer – Looking Backpack

Diablo Archer – I FLY ARCHER: I’ll Be Right Backpack

Diablo Archer – I FLY ARCHER: The View From My Window

 Diablo Archer – LIFT: The Rise & Fall of Diablo Archer

Diablo Archer – The Icarus Complex EP

X3M – Kiss the Sky LP


X3M – The Junkyard

X3M – The Project