Alpha Male Society x Millie Vaughn – On Air (Free EP)

With only a handful of EP’s left to go in their sole-producer series, Alpha Male Society (AMSOC) has once again expanded their sound with this month’s release On Air.  With production coming at the hands of Lazrso Records’ Millie Vaughn, winner of multiple North Carolina beat battles, the Society once again delivers hard-hitting lyrics stating their position in underground hip-hop’s ranks.  On the first single from the EP, “What You Know?,” Don DiGiorgio boasts “Five letters that’ll change the game (ALPHA),” over a high energy beat with thundering bass, also referring to the five emcees that the group is composed of.  The posse cut, “On Air” has a jazzy feel to it, a complete 180 from the blistering upbeat rhythm of “Inferno.”  With the final track, “STOP!,” once again displaying lyrical finesse, this EP is sure to get repeat spins on your mp3 player.