Big Hop feat. Mallz – Are You Listening? prod by Ced Hughes (Free Download!)

As the release date of Mallz & X3M’s EP, “The I in Team”, gets closer & closer, the anticipation keeps building & building. In order to quell some of these cravings, AMSOC has put out an unreleased gem featuring Big Hop & Mallz over production from VA’s, Ced Hughes. Originally recorded in 2009, Hop wasn’t sure this track would ever see the light of day. Here are some more words from him:

“Ced sent me this beat in 07″ or so. I sat on it for awhile, until I reached out to Mallz in the summer of 09″ to work on a track together. I felt the energy matched Mallz’ style perfectly, so I got him to craft the hook and a verse. The funny thing is that in the hook he is talking about living in Florida, and I talk about living in NC; however, when this songs finally comes out, he is living in NC, and I am in VA. Haha. I’m glad we are finally releasing it though. It’s a dope jam. Hope y’all enjoy…”

So there you have it. Download this joint from BANDCAMP or MEDIAFIRE by clicking the links or the artwork below. & make sure you check out Mallz & X3M’s “The I in Team” when it drops on Friday, May 25th…